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Sometimes "someday" comes sooner than you think

& in the end, it's all worth it

Christine Marie [mama of twins]
11:11, 90210, a baby story, a walk to remember, aim, alexis bledel, american eagle, anne hathaway, anything girly, anything that sparkles, armywives, babies, babywearing, bandanas, bath and body works, being a daddy's girl, being in love, beyonce, blue, body modification, bringing home baby, cameron diaz, candles, cardio, charmed, chick flicks, childbirth, children, christina aguilera, christmas, clothes, coach, cooking, cosmopolitan, country music, cruel intentions, csi, cuddling, dancing, ddr, diamonds, digital cameras, discovery health, dogs, dooney and burke, dreams, drew barrymore, driving, exercise, falling in love, family, family gatherings, fit pregnancy, flip flops, foreplay, friends, gilmore girls, girls night out, graphics, gummy bears, handbags, happy love stories, headbands, honesty, hugs, hugs from behind, icons, inside jokes, internet, jeans, jennie garth, jennifer aniston, kate hudson, kisses, kissing, laughing, layouts, lazy days, lingerie, lost, love, lyrics, magazines, makeup, making love, making people laugh, making-out, manicures, meeting new people, monkeys, motherhood, myspace, parents of twins, pay it forward, pedicures, photography, photoshop, pictures, pink, pregnancy, quotes, rachel mcadams, randomness, reading, road trips, romance, sandra bullock, scrapbooking, selena, sex, sex games, sex toys, shoes, shopping, shot glasses, showers, singing, slurpees, smirnoff ice, smoothies, stars, swimming, taking pictures, text messaging, the 80s, the 90s, the notebook, the park, tinkerbell, true love, trust, trying new things, twin boys, vacations, victoria secret, walking, watp, weddings, white gold, working out, yes dear,